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There is a notable twofold characteristic of this our age—we might almost say: of this our generation. It is on the one hand a tremendously far-reaching interest in the deeper spiritual realities of life, in the things of the mind and the Spirit. On the other hand, there is a materialism that is apparent to all, likewise far-reaching. We are witnessing the two moving along, apparently at least, side by side.

There are those who believe that out of the latter the former is arising, that we are witnessing another great step forward on the part of the human race—a new era or age, so to speak. There are many things that would indicate this to be a fact. The fact that the material alone does not satisfy, and that from the very constitution of the human mind and soul, it cannot satisfy, may be a fundamental reason for this.

It may be also that as we are apprehending, to a degree never equalled in the world's history, the finer forces in nature, and are using them in a very practical and useful way in the affairs and the activities of the daily life, we are also and perhaps in a more pronounced degree, realising, understanding, and using the finer, the higher insights and forces, and therefore powers, of mind, of spirit, and of body.

I think there is a twofold reason for this widespread and rapidly increasing interest. A new psychology, or perhaps it were better to say, some new and more fully established laws of psychology, pertaining to the realm of the subconscious mind, its nature, and its peculiar activities and powers, has brought us another agency in life of tremendous significance and of far-reaching practical use.

There are now well-understood laws underlying mental suggestion, whereby it can be made a tremendous source of power in our own lives, and can likewise be made an effective agency in arousing the motive powers of another for his or her healing, habit-forming, character-building. There are likewise well-established facts not only as to the value, but the absolute need of periods of meditation and quiet, alone with the Source of our being, stilling the outer bodily senses, and fulfilling the conditions whereby the Voice of the Spirit can speak to us and through us, and the power of the Spirit can manifest in and through us.

The natural, normal life is by a law divine under the guidance of the spirit. It is only when we fail to seek and to follow this guidance, or when we deliberately take ourselves from under its influence, that uncertainties arise, legitimate longings go unfulfilled, and that violated laws bring their penalties. But...When you realize your "spirit within"...

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How To Tap Into The Spirit Within Yourself

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How To Manifest Your Purpose

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How To Create Prosperity

By giving to the world of your gifts, talents and abilities in whatever way seems appropriate for you. It truly is in the giving that you will receive. Believing in these "spiritual" gifts that you have been given to prosper both yourself and others will build a life of fulfillment, purpose, meaning, prosperity that will change your life forever.

and much, much more...

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· Infinite Life and Power
· The Overcoming of Life's Difficulties
· Fate or Free-Will?
· Cause and Effect
· Success
· Health
· The Secret of Abundant Supply
· The Power and Limitations of the Sub-conscious Mind
· The Use of the Spiritual or Super-conscious Mind
· Character Building and the Overcoming of Habit
· Happiness and Joy
· The Use and Mis-Use of Mental and Spiritual Powers
· Overcoming Limitations and Awakening Inward Powers
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